Sidekick Smartie: Adventures of a Sidekick 3 Teen

I just received a Sidekick 3 and now I am blogging from the device. Check out my thoughts, ideas, and ramblings and let me know what you would like to see me talk about.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


My grandma got the cutest puppy ever it's a chocolate lab, 1\4 pitbull, and springer. It is the runt of the family. We decided to name it bear because it looked so much like a bear with its markings and colors.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I am a big soccer fan. I play on a team called the attitudes. I have
practices all the time. Like yesterday was our first practice. Our coach
made us run like crazy. I play defense on the left or right. My coach
sometimes puts me in the middle, but I don't like it there that much. We
have a bad practice field, but we make it look good. I was thinking
about being a ref. for my little sisters legue. It pays good money about
20 dollers a game. They have training too. Well that's all for now from
sidekick smartie.
-Sent from my Sidekick 3

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dead boat

Sorry I haven't posted in while I was stuck on a boat for over 2 hours.
See this is what happend........ My dad had been working on the boat for
a while because it was broken. Once it was fixed we went to the lake
with my sisters and one of their friends we got out there and my sis
and her friend got on the lay down type of intertube and we took them on
a ride. When they wanted to stop I got on next with my other sisters
friend ,and she was young like 6, so we started off and she didn't want
to go for very long, when she wanted to get off we stopped but before I
was going to do a crazy cool ride they all had to go to the bathroom. So
my dad had to turn off the engine so they could hop in the water. But
when we where ready to start of again the boat wouldn't start. So we had
to push the boat and turn it and stuff for about 2 hours! We eventually
got someone to tow us but they had such a small engine it took another
hour to get back to the dock. In the end we figured out that the
throttle was broken. So my dad ordered a new one and we are getting it
tomarrow. That's all for now from sidekick smartie.
-Sent from my Sidekick 3

Friday, July 14, 2006


YES! My dad got me a sidekick 3!! I love it!!!! I will soon be posting
about me and my sidekick 3. I am writing with my beautiful sidekick 3
right now! That's all for now from sidekick smartie. Good night. :)
-Sent from my Sidekick 3

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I have a Nintendo DS and I love it! But my favorite game is Nintendogs! Why? I have so much fun with Nintendogs because its like having your own dog. First you get to pick a dog out of a limited variety, then you have to teach it its name by pressing a button and speaking its name into the mini mic. ,that is located under the bottom screen. You then have to teach it to sit. Once that is completed, you can than live your life with your Nintendog. You can either feed it, give it a bath, go shopping, go on a walk, compete in a contest, or anything you like. With Nintendogs you have to continually take care of it day after day. You can also have up to 6 dogs just as long as you have enough money. I think this game teaches responsibility. I have two Nintendogs both are chihuahuas. I take care of them and everything! I highly recommend this game.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I love reading!

I love reading! Everyone says I read too much even kids at school. Some of the books I really like include the entire Harry Potter series, which is my absolute favorite. I also highly recommend absolute Chaos, its about a girl who is assigned a summer journal and a summer reading list. She writes about her chaotic summer which turns out to be a really fun summer. I am also a big fan of Ella Enchanted the movie is a lot different than the book.The book has a lot more detail and has a lot more to the story. Mainly its about Ella who is bestowed a curse of obedience and has to go on a long journey that has many side stores and she ends up falling in love with a prince. Like I said I love to read!

My Dad rocks!

I have been asking for a Sidekick for a couple years since my Dad first had his T-Mobile Sidekick and now it looks like I may be getting a Sidekick 3 to use as a blogger platform as I try to raise a few bucks for my college fund and write about life as a preteen/teen girl.

I love school, am a good student and plan on going to college to be a vet.